Vignettes with a Ragdoll Revision #2

By Kasperitus


Revised: 08-Sep-2011
Added: 06-Jun-2011
United States

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The boy and the ragdoll psychological thriller fantasy twisted childhood Vignettes with a ragdoll multiple perspective mystery ambiguity

'Vignettes with a Ragdoll' originally began as a single piece, 'The Boy and the Ragdoll'. It was a story written in 9 minutes, 26 seconds, and I consider it to be one of my strongest works. I originally uploaded it a few years back on another writing site that I'm no longer active on

Now that I'm getting back into online publishing, I decided that I should start off with a bang and dug up 'The Boy and the Ragdoll' from the bowels of my hard drive.

Just a side note, all of the formatting in this piece is intentional.


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1. The Child

    It was late at night when I heard the music. It was soft, scary, and startled me out of bed. I looked out the window of my bedroom, and saw something walking outside my country house. It was taller than dad and skinny like a pole. It was wearing a bathrobe like Mom’s, except it was black and had lines glowing a creepy light.

    The music that woke me up coming off of it, but it did not have a something to play music with: the music was coming off of its body. It must’ve known I was looking at it, because it stopped, turned and looked at me. Its face was covered by a mask and the mask looked like a smiley face that also glowed in the same light as the lines on the bathrobe.

    I tried to hide from it, but I couldn’t move. It lifted a long, sharp-looking finger to the mask’s mouth and hissed “Shhhhhh”. I nodded and the person continued its walk. As soon as it went away, I jumped back into bed, pulled the covers over my head and tried to forget about the thing I just saw. But I could still hear its creepy music playing as if it was right next to me.

Ragdoll rise from stone only when /`\/’\ind-music of Brothers and Sisters fade. Ragdoll sings joyful song when Ragdoll see where Ragdoll is. Family has been kind to Ragdoll. |=xile much better than ; Exile lets Ragdoll be free, lets Ragdoll do as Ragdoll pleases. But Brothers and Sisters of Ragdoll could have put Ragdoll somewhere better; too far from city, too far from playthings. Ragdoll may not know much, but Ragdoll can adapt. Ragdoll find plaything home, and where there is home there is road, and road leads to city, and city leads to plenty of playthings for Ragdoll to play with. |\|o light, so playthings not awake, not able to see Ragdoll walk near home, but Ragdoll sense differently, and Ragdoll has good senses. Ragdoll sense plaything watching Ragdoll through window, so Ragdoll turn to face watching-plaything, to see what playthings of plane look like. Ragdoll may have no eyes, but Ragdoll can see that playthings are meat-covered sticks, lots of fun to play with. Ragdoll also sees that watching-plaything is child, is scared of Ragdoll. Watching-plaything-child must have been awakened by Ragdoll’s beautiful, mind-music, which also freeze child-plaything. Ragdoll knows that watching-plaything-child will tell other playthings of Ragdoll, draw attention to Ragdoll. So Ragdoll raise one of tool-fingers to where word-hole would be and sing “Shhhhhh”. Watching-plaything-child nod head at Ragdoll, Telling Ragdoll that watching-plaything-child won’t tell other playthings. Ragdoll then walk away, knowing that Ragdoll still secret and stay secret until Ragdoll ready to play.


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June 7, 2011 at 10:36 PM PDT

Interesting to read about the same scene from perspective of the 2 characters. You may like to shorten "watching-plaything-child" to something simpler and shorter.

Will there be chapter II soon?