Writers and Illustrators is where we hope hidden talents are discovered.

Writers and Illustrators is a free, interactive, all-inclusive and comprehensive online community for anyone with an interest in the literary and visual arts. It is a place for writers and artists to showcase their work and receive feedback from people everywhere. Writers and Illustrators welcome those who dream of becoming the next bestselling authors or famous illustrators, and those who simply want the joy of sharing their work with others.

You do not need an account if you just want to browse. To post, rate or comment, just create your own free account. You need to be the creator or owner of the work you are posting. Your posted work is automatically date stamped. This could be useful if you ever need to prove copyright.

The Notice Board is a free service for individuals or organizations that wish to notify readers of upcoming events, contests, submissions sought or any other writing or illustrating related announcements. Articles that benefit writers and illustrators are welcome too.

Stories abound of famous authors who suffered multiple rejections before their bestseller was accepted for publication. Writers and Illustrators hopes to make the matching of talented work with publishing houses a more efficient process. The search parameters within Writers and Illustrators make it a fertile place for publishers, editors, agents and other agencies to identify and connect with hidden talents according to their specific criteria.

Obscurity is the greatest obstacle for any author or illustrator to overcome. Your name is your brand. So, showcase your work to the world, and let the world be your editor, your teacher, your judge, your audience and your fans.

Writers and Illustrators will add new components and improvements in the future. If you have any suggestions and comments, please send them in. We are listening.