Her One Forbidden Tie Revision #1

By Teacup

Fiction-Suspense & Thrillers

Revised: 28-Feb-2011
Added: 28-Feb-2011

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Assassin Family Kai Kidnapping Sister Relative

A 28 year old assassin gets an unexpected visit from her long presumed dead sister.

A short story.

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Kai had been packing her things into moving crates at a steady pace since breakfast until a book of hers gave her pause. Slowly she opened the nondescript book and turned a few pages until she came across what she was looking for. The assassin spread the book flat across her knees and picked up a small knife off of her side table. Cautiously, she used the blade to find the imperceptible pocket she knew existed within the few glossy pages and with great care extricated a small photograph.

The woman looked the photograph over, taking in the smiling faces of herself and her sister, Taimi, with their parents. They had been carefree then, over a decade ago. Emotion rattled its ugly and dusty cage that sat tightly locked in the deepest corner of the assassin's mind, making every attempt to shred the woman's steely persona. Kai grit her teeth and sighed, returning her one forbidden tie to the past to its hiding place and effectively hurling her knife into the doorframe.

Kai snapped the book shut and dropped it in a crate as she left the room, snatching her knife from the wall. She had an assignment to complete, and she focused every ounce of attention on her task as she sped from the property in her Porsche.


Kai woke up to find herself bound on the floor of a pitch black room. A large lamp clicked on, the sound echoing throughout the room, creating a pool of light around her. She looked around, hoping her eyes would adjust, but she couldn’t see through the bright light. She glanced down to determine how she’d been secured. Narrow leather lacing was tied tight around her wrists and ankles. Leather… The assassin couldn’t think of anyone whose technique involved leather lace. Leather cuffs, maybe, but not lacing. She struggled to her knees just seconds before a door clicked open from somewhere in the darkness. Kai’s head snapped up, her eyes unsuccessfully straining to see who it was.

Sharp, deliberate high-heeled steps approached the bound woman slowly, stopping just outside of the pool of light, remaining invisible.

“Kai…” A woman’s voice hit the assassin like a bullet as she paired a brief sigh with a wicked smile and a slight shake of her head that Kai couldn’t see. “I’m embarrassed, I really am.”

Kai narrowed her eyes. Who the hell was this? It wasn’t funny, masking their voice with a generated version of someone else’s, someone who was supposed to be dead. Kai's voice was low and threatening as she spoke. “Who are you?”

The snap of a lighter split the silence, the flame illuminating the captor’s face. “What,” she smirked, “Don’t recognize me?” She released the lighter, extinguishing the flame.

Kai’s voice escalated quickly to an accusatory yell. “You’re supposed to be dead!”

“That’s what they told Mom and Dad about you, wasn’t it,” Taimi asked rhetorically in a smooth voice. She took a few steps and Kai could hear something being moved. The woman placed a chair facing away from her younger sister at the edge of the pool of light. She straddled it, folding her arms on the back, resting her head on her arms. There was a thoughtful look on her face. “I told them you wouldn’t disappoint when they asked about you, when they were going over your test results. You realize those people you worked for--I work for--before you went into the crime business, they were very upset with the both of us for what you did. It’s taken me this long just to convince them that I’m not going to go off and be as stupid as you are.” Taimi straightened and paid attention to a fingernail. “I’m surprised they haven’t killed you yet,” she said casually. A moment later she added as an afterthought, “I guess it comes with who you hide behind.”

Taimi approached her sister slowly, circling behind her and stopping. She drew a handgun and cocked it, placing it solidly against Kai's left shoulder only slightly above her heart. "Keep your head down out there, little sis," she threatened as her free hand reached down to the leather lacing around her captive's ankles. She left Kai's wrists tied and hauled her to her feet, steering her briskly to a steel outside door. "Let me remind you," Taimi enunciated, her voice dropping to a mocking whisper, "you're not invincible." She pulled the trigger, releasing her sister into the street.


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Chlor O'Phyll

April 10, 2011 at 3:55 PM PDT

Wow! I like this. This is like the start of a movie. What happens next????????